After years of contemplating expansion options in Beijing, a unique site in a most fantastic area (by our standards) became available. Construction began in May 2014, with an opening scheduled for early 2015. This is an active construction site at the moment, so pictures and commentary will go up in a fairly delayed fashion..  But please stay tuned, and feel free to email us any questions or comments along the way.


Not terribly exciting, but here are shots of the plumbing being installed directing waste into the well.

A glass dining room

It’s been decided– Rather than cover the entire roof with concrete slabs, as assumed earlier, 1/4 of the surface will be turned into glass! And here’s a series of photos showing the entire process:

Getting the wind engineer to inspect the work to be done.

Building the glass frame

Passing the glass up onto the roof – no problem

It’s only 9+12+9 glass.

Viewing into the dining room

Looking towards the view of the trees above. This should make for a pleasant dining room

Digging a hole

Time to build a well. Not quite the fun kind for getting drinking water or simply falling into. But watching our worker disappear into a 2m deep pit is something special. Along the way he discovered plenty of broken porcelain cups as well.

Sunsheet coverings

Today our entrance gets a facelift once again. It’s finally rain-proof – mostly. Just in time too!

Once the worker finished sealing it up he’s gone full speed ahead with the rain-guard on all the walls

View from up top

Just some eye-candy to feast on. The place is slowly beginning to look reasonably attractive….