Grab a guide

Hire someone to show you our favourite part of the wall, or the coolest part of the Forbidden City and more..

The Orchid-organized transportation

Want to go somewhere special, or simplify your taxi experience for the day, or just go visit the Great Wall?? The Orchid has easy ways to organize all that for you with a team of safe and responsive drivers, and a multitude of vehicle possibilities

  • Hire a driver to take you to specific places

  • Hire a driver to take you to the Great Wall

Join a tour with our awesome partners

The Orchid is not your typical hotel, so why would we work with typical tour companies? If the custom maps you get on arrival are any indication, The Orchid is deeply food and culture obsessed, and our choice tourism partners reflect that as well.
  • Food tours

    Orchid guest discount available on morning tours. Orchid guests get free pickup at the hotel for evening tours!

    Check out LostPlate’s food tour details (new window)

  • Craft beer tours!

    Orchid guest discount available on craft beer tours.

    Check out LostPlate’s craft beer tour details (new window)

  • Culture tours

    Contact the Orchid to inquire on additional details and requirements for tours with Bespoke Beijing

Pair up with a guide

Hoping to access a difficult-to-reach part of the Great Wall (Jiankou!) and need help? Want to get better insider knowledge on the finer details of Beijing’s multitude of sights? Or maybe you’ve just realized you have no wikipedia access — Grab a guide!

  • Guides are available for half days or full days

  • Organize to go to any place you’d like

  • Inquire with The Orchid for guide availability

  • The Orchid only works with guides recommended for previous guests!