Sunsheet coverings

Today our entrance gets a facelift once again. It’s finally rain-proof – mostly. Just in time too!

Once the worker finished sealing it up he’s gone full speed ahead with the rain-guard on all the walls

View from up top

Just some eye-candy to feast on. The place is slowly beginning to look reasonably attractive….

finishing up concrete

The last remnants of red brick are now neatly hidden under the warmth of the grey concrete.

And again, yet another main hutong entrance shot. Expect many of these over the next few months

Looking out from the NW room’s balcony entrance

Double-time on the dining room

The entrance to the NW room won’t look so barren later, but still cool now

The last night of concrete work takes place under some incandescent warmth. A view from outside we can start getting used to now.

other mohui

Day and night — about 4 days of work to completely cover all messy redness with some nice grey concrete.

Check out the entranceway from the restaurant. There will be glass there soon

Inspecting his evening work

Relaxing on a pile of rubble after finishing up the southern garden wall’s concrete

Entrance Mohui

Gazing out towards the entrance from the lobby we can start getting some ideas of what the view will begin to look like. It’s quite a big view to cover as well: 2500x3000mm of glass. You don’t see any glass coming just yet, but at least some of these red bricks will finally begin disappearing.

The mighty entrance wall

Looking into the entrance and beyond at the private garden

Finally — Here comes the concrete, slowly peeling its way down the wall

Concrete Slabbing

Saving both time and money, we’ve gone with large concrete slabs for upper-area roofing that can support people, but not full floor structures. These things are huge, and heavy. A total of 18 workers were needed to lift each one up to the second floor!

Restaurant main entrance

A few slabs resting above the dining room

The dining room.. The remaining 6 square meters will be glass instead of concrete!

In the kitchen

Inside the Lookout

More Grey Bricks

Here the worker is putting on the finishing touches of a grey brick wall that only functions to block the ugliness from one neighbour. The new wall is especially nice in the late afternoon sun!

Here’s the wall from down below. Next to it is the back of the kitchen.

Grey Bricks

Today is grey brick day again. This time an important visual part of the second floor will be raised up high in order to add a mask of traditional grey bricks on top of the new modern structure within.

Check out the view of the bell tower!

2 hours later, it is all done.

The view from within the balcony walkway

Looking at it from the courtyard

Raising the Second Floor

Here comes the second floor, structural beams and all.

On the right side is the dining room, the left is a kitchen – mostly

Up comes the kitchen

Cutting day

It’s time. Forget about safety, about cranes, tools and most other common sense. Today is completely about destruction, and big, heavy falling objects.

18 year-old up on the top, straddling the tree for dear life.

Absolutely insane worker standing beneath the falling branches holding a chainsaw on full throttle the entire time

Guiding the branches towards the floor, sometimes.

Luckily the south room’s walls and floor can take the weight

Alone on the tree still..

Crazy guy still at it with the smaller branches on the ground

Examining the large cuts of trunk.

Cutting a few thin ones too…

Loaded up and ready to go!

Mr. Guo with his gift. 15 minutes of work and he has a brand new meat cutting board.