• Meet the hotel

      Usually everyone comes to the dumpling night, so it’s a perfect opportunity to meet, share local knowledge and have a great time together!

    • Learn the way

      If you are sober enough to properly pay attention, you will at the very least be inspired to try what you’ve learned at home. It’s actually not that hard — when Lu Jie does it

    • Get full

      After you make them, you eat them! And very likely, you’ll eat several dozen. No one goes home hungry!

    • Get Drunk (?!)

      It’s free flow wine and beer. And at The Orchid, we only have the good stuff, so enjoy!

    Join the class

    Each Tuesday night The Orchid hosts Lu Jie’s fine dumpling making skills as part of a group class that anyone staying in Beijing can take part in. During the class, you’ll  have the chance to learn, eat and drink with the group – but most importantly, you’ll have a blast!


    The class begins at 7:30pm and typically ends at 10pm


    The Orchid Lodge

    What’s included:

    Lu Jie’s secrets, food, wine, Great Leap Brewing’s draft beer (NEW), soft drinks and juices

    Orchid Guests:
    Adults: 250 RMB
    Children (12 and under): 150 RMB

    Other Guests:
    Adults: 350 RMB
    Children (12 and under): 200 RMB

    Contact The Orchid ASAP to book the dumpling class. Spaces are very limited!

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